With Bonnaroo approaching, we decided to share some of our best playlists and advice based off our previous experiences at Bonnaroo. The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an American annual four-day music festival developed and produced by Superfly Presents and AC Entertainment. Since its first year in 2002, it has been held at what is now Great Stage Park on a 650-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee.

Tunes for the Road to Roo

Top 10 Bonnaroo Must Haves

  1. Hydration bags are a MUST! Dehydration is not a joke and we want everyone to have a fun but safe time!

  2. Back up clothes: whether it gets too hot or too cold you never want to be under prepared. Bring an extra of everything just to be on the safe side.

  3. Mini fans: they are perfect for carrying around through the hot day, and if you want to take it up a notch a recommend getting the ones the that spray water with them as well.

  4. Biodegradable glitter: We can look cute and save the earth at the same time so dumb the regular glitter that never leaves the earth and poisons our sweet little creatures and replace it with this. World just as good and helps the environment!

  5. Dry ice: Pick up some good ole dry ice before stepping into the farm to ensure non of your goodies go bad the entire weekend!

  6. Headlamps/ flashlights: yes we have phones but eventually those die and it gets prety dark so think ahead and make sure you have some extra light to ensure for an extra LIT experience ( hehe see what I did there)

  7. Disposable camera: Nothing is better than finding the camera you brought to the festival months after and developing the film to revisit the unknown of such a wonderful time. Also it’s pretty funny seeing the random crap you got on camera and didn’t even know about.

  8. DEODORANT: you would think this is common sense but for someone reason people still seem to forget. I get it we are outside being freebodies and all but please don’t put somebody’s life in danger like that. These things can be avoided!

  9. A flex fit: Yeah yeah yeah we know its all about the experience but why not give a little flex while also being at one of the happiest places on earth! Get one outfit that you just feel absolutely WOW in and just stunt around the farm and not for anyone else but yourself. SELF LOVE BABY!

  10. LOVE, SMILES, AND A SHIT TON OF POSITIVITY: That’s what bonnaroo is all about so be sure to come in with the right intentions to ensure a good time not only for you but for everyone else coming to share the experience with you!

Recommended Packing List

Coverage by Majesty Rich, Sam Harkey, and Alexandra Cole

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