Steel Panther Rocks Jacksonville FL – Mavericks Live Review

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Steel Panthers Sunset Strip Live tour exploded into Mavericks Live this past Monday and it was definitely a party to remember. Openers Wilson and True Villains put on amazing individual performances to kick off the evening. These are definitely two bands you should check out! You never seem to know what you are going to get with opening acts but these guys did not disappoint the crowd Steel Panther, known for their over the top glam metal approach to music delighted fans with their hair metal shenanigans. They tore through a raucous set which included many of their greatest hits, songs like “Party Like Tomorrow is the end of the world, Poontang Boomerang and even a cover of the classic “Crazy Train” had fans going absolutely insane.

Michael Starr pretty much had the crowd in the palm of his hand all night long, pulling female fans on stage and pretty much doing everything you would expect from this type of show. Boobs, beer and long hair as far as the eyes could see! While many would simply write these guys off as a novelty act, anyone who has ever witnessed a Steel Panther show can attest to how truly talented these guys are. Solid musicianship and their technicality is second to none, it’s just an added perk that these guys are so much fun to watch live!

Coverage by Troy Fisher

Steel Panther


True Villains

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