Sir Elton John traveling the world on his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road World Tour’. Legendary musician after 50 years of live performance decided to say goodbye to fans all over the world and one of the stops on this last music journey was Copenhagen. Glasse Factory had a pleasure to be part of this experience thanks to Live Nation Denmark.

The show was sold out in 20 minutes and 16000 lucky fans completely filled in the Royal Arena from the floor to the roof of the venue. The main part of the stage was piano set on the left side and a huge screen on the back with a frame decorated with sculptures representing memorable moments of Elton John’s career.

Sir Elton John got on stage at 8PM and immediately started to play the first notes of ‘Bennie And The Jets’ what caused a huge cheer all across the venue what caused a glimpse of smile on Elton’s face just before he started to sing. The performance was going very well and every small interaction with the audience was starting another round of applause and cheer in the audience. Sir Elton was standing in every slower part of the song which didn’t included piano parts and waving to the fans to close the opening track with huge bow to express his gratefulness towards to the fans.

After slower opening we have quick change of pace with the more rock and roll tempo when first beats ‘All the Girls Love Alice’ started to spread across the arena what helped to raise big part of the audience from the sits and the proper party started. Fans who know Sir Elton John’s music for years had a chance to party with their favorite artist traveling back in time with his hits. ‘All the Girls…’ was followed ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’ and shortly after that another huge hit ‘Tiny Dancer’. The show continued with the very interesting visual parts presented on the huge screen placed behind the band. Some songs were performed with the video clips, some with the special animations prepared for the tour – it was all perfectly balanced and helped to create a great atmosphere of the show highlighting the most important moments of Elton John’s career.

‘Rocket Man’ – another huge hit song, which also gave a title to upcoming movie biopic of Elton John’ provided amazing light experience with lights matching the video played on the screen and illuminating the whole audience in the same way as the band on stage, what resulted in the visual effect reminding the travel through the galaxy together with the rocket-man.

‘Candle In The Wind’ was performed extraordinary well. The voice of Sir Elton was clear and on point with every single line. The song which is most known as a goodbye epitaph to Lady Diana, was illustrated with the video presenting Marilyn Monroe for whom the song was written in the original. Sir Elton John started to move together with his piano to the right side of the scene singing ‘Goodbye Norma Jean….From the young man in the twenty second row who sees you as something more … just our Marilyn Monroe’ still with amazingly made a video with the actress who looked exactly like Marilyn. After the song was finished all the musicians left the stage.

The brake was no longer than two minutes and the stage started to get covered with the heavy clouds of smoke followed by thunders and lightnings – an amazing intro to ‘Funeral for A Friend\Love Lies Bleeding’. Whiffs of wind accompanied return of Sir Elton John on stage, this time in new colorful suite and the music started to play. Piano started to move back into original position on the left side of the stage during first instrumental part of the song which was the heaviest and loudest musical part of the evening.

Shortly before ‘Believe’ artist took an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the fans gathered in the venue and one more time express his gratefulness for a support received during his career. Sir Elton also introduced small successes he managed to achieve together with his Elton John AIDS Foundation and express his concern about the politics ignorance towards the possible solution – ‘We have a medicine but it’s too expensive’ – he said.

The main part of the evening was closed with two major hits ‘I’m Still Standing’ and ‘Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting’ with the whole crowd in the arena standing and dancing. Sir Elton John left the stage again to return after few minutes of audience asking for more. This time he came back wearing Japanese style negligee and performed two last songs closing the evening with ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ after which he took of his negligee covering a tracksuit, waved good bye to the fans and went into small doors made on the yellow brick road displayed on the screen.

To sum up – Sir Elton John is still providing the music experience on the very high level, he still has an enormous fandom and what is most important – he still has the coolest glasses in the music world. We can only hope he will enjoy his retirement as much as the fans enjoyed his music.

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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