Fredo – a new British rap phenomenon played a sold out show in Copenhagen on Friday 17.05.

The show organized SMASH!BANG!POW! In Pumpehuset as a part of promotional tour for his latest record called ‘Third Avenue’.

There was no opening act – DJ playing mixture of hip hop hits was doing his best to move the audience but the crowd was tough that day – waiting only for the main start of the evening.

After one hour of waiting time finally something started to move on the stage. The DJ accompanying Fredo asked the audience to show their love to UK hip hop to shortly introduce two rappers who made short warm up before the main act. And that was the moment when the audience went crazy – literally crazy. A small brawl in front of the stage between two groups of young and a bit drunk fans. The brawl was stopped quite shortly before security managed to get to the middle of the crowd and it was the time to welcome Fredo on stage.

The British rapper hit the stage and the venue exploded. The huge part of audience started to jump and sing together with Fredo – big party started for good. Fredo was pushing song after song with no breaks between the songs. First break was caused by the audience when huge group of young guys standing in front of the stage decided to jump on it and party with Fredo. After short disturbance he and his team together with security managed to remove young hip hop enthusiasts from the stage and the party continued. Stage was invaded several times also by girls who twerked on the stage and danced together with the rapper. After around forty minutes in the show another brawl between fans forced security to excuse few most aggressive teenagers out of the club – this helped to calm down the audience and finally focus on the musical part. Fredo only commented that Copenhagen is the most crazy crowd he ever had during his performance.

To sum up – it was definitely a harsh night for the security but Fredo delivered what the fans expected – a good and intensive hip hop performance.

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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