Laughs, smiles, music, dancing, and all the other beautiful things that this world consists of could all be found at the wonderful BUKU Music Festival! New Orleans, aka NOLA, is known for it outstanding energy full of fun and culture. You don’t come there just to hangout, you go there strictly to have a good time. Buku brought all the culture and more into this beautifully setup festival ground. There were amazing art installations all over the place, keeping your eyes happily occupied throughout the entire fest. Music was bumping from stage to stage making it almost impossible to choose your next set. So much to do and see that it felt that there would never be enough time to completely take in the magical experience you were encountering.

Day 1: The gates officially opened and the weekend had finally came as everyone realized the festival season was officially back on. The music played as people ran and danced to their friends ready to take on what the weekend had in store for them. The day started with so many amazing artist such as dubstep/bass dj Peekaboo who brought some heavy hitting, whompy sounds revelling up the energy of the crowd, prepping them for the exciting day ahead of them.  That was then followed by a performance by the one and only Toro Y Moi and his incredible band. It might have still been a bit more early in the day but obviously not to early to get the party started. He put the UH in funk. The sun was out, the hands were up, and the hips were swaying. All that told me was…mission accomplished. As the sun set and it slowly moved into the night, we made our way to the stage where Slander b2b NGHTMRE was nearly shaking up the city with their crazy, mind blowing drops and absolutely talented dj coordination, making the two of them an absolute powerhouse through out the night. After that heart pumping performance, they perfectly placed the majestic angel herself Lana Del Rey, allowing her sweet, seductive voice of roses and poison apples to chance the crowd. This left nearly every person stuck and staring at Lana in complete ahw at the beauty of her existence. Finally to close out one of the stages of the first nights was the man RL Grimes, and boy he did not disappoint. Beats were dropping, lights were flashing, people were jumping and dancing all over the place, happy to end the night with such amazing talent while also trying to make every last beat count, longing for the night to go on.

Stepping into day 2, still with absolutely no clue of what to expect, excitement once again bursting through the entrance gates as the sun beamed on all the festival goers. Although the lineup for the day was just as amazing as day one, it seemed as if everyone was taking this day to really explore all of the art this festival had to offer. You walk into electronic music slapping the side of your face as you see big canvases of admirable paintings. As you get further into the festival grounds you see a huge installation that stands high off the ground with artist standing on top of it creating pieces for all to see. While this is going on right under them stood a stage with dj’s spinning and coordinating their beats to the working of all the artist above them. This was such a perfect display of how the two different spectrums within the art world can work together. There was also a stage set up in almost a warehouse type building where there were floats set up all within the room, glowing as the music went on.

The lights would hit each float with every new note that left the speakers. Aside from taking the day to get lost in all of the art it was als ASAP ROCKY DAY! Asap cam on that night on the main stage with his listerine commercial smile and the crowd immediately lost it. He opened the show with a crowd favorite “Asap Forever” and the vibes were officially on. He also had a special moment within his set where he pulled out his synth pad and started throwing down some super raunchy, heavy, hip-hop, base beats that took the soul straight to the streets. A pure genius in my opinion. As the night began to come to an end one of the final performances made the stage who happen to be a personal favorite of mine, Louis The Child. They closed it out with a bang and honestly made it even the more harder to leave. The electronic music duo’s smooth hitting beats ended the night so positively and peaceful. For the final song they dropped a very groovy, dancey mix as the fireworks lit up the air, leaving twinkles and everyone’s eyes.

BUKU is truly a festival worth investing in with its individualism and ability to incorporate such an amazing culture so beautifully, while still captivating the essence of art in so many ways. I highly recommend putting this on your 2020 to do list regardless of if you were here this year or not because there is truly no other experience like it. For any further details or insights on what you might have missed this year, visit their website at