Saturday evening brought another titan to Copenhagen – this time KPM Concerts and Viften Rødovre booked another big name – Neal Morse Band. Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) and company brought the show which was part of ‘The Great AdvenTour’ presenting their last album ‘The Great Adventure’ in its entirety .

The show started with a short video presented on the screen placed behind the band, which entered shortly after the video ended. Neal Morse started his show walking across the stage and providing a musical-like type of performance. Band played song after song with all members providing their vocal parts in this fun-to-watch mixture of musical-concert experience. The biggest show, what was not a surprise for me, was provided by the one and only Mike Portnoy. Beside his spectacular style of playing he was all the time standing up behind his drum kit while playing and encouraging the audience to give more and more applauds to the band and enjoy the show. Neal Morse was matching Mike’s entertaining skills interacting with the audience and combining keyboards with electric and double head acoustic guitar.

Main part of the show lasted for over two hours including short intermission. After that band came back, they provided a medley of Neal Morse solo songs. The show was one of the best I have seen so far in 2019 and it’s not really clear why it took 19 years for Neal Morse to get back to Copenhagen. After what I saw I can only hope it’s not going to take another nineteen years to have Neal Morse back in Denmark.

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