Friday evening, just in the middle of the Easter break in Denmark was quite loud thanks to the booking mage by Killtown Booking together with Pumpehuset team – 4 different metal acts lead by headliner from Greece – Septicflesh was about to deliver few good and heavy hours of music.

Show started quite early – just few minutes after club doors were opened – due to the fact that the lineup was very tight. First in line, a French deathcore act called  When Reasons Collapse started with a bang. This band lead by energetic vocalist Cristina delivered 40 minutes of loud show. Band performed very well what helped them bring to front of the stage fans who still enjoyed the beer in front of the club.

Shortly after 9PM stage was taken over by  Incite from Phoenix, Arizona. This heavy metal dudes managed to start firs mosh pit of the night. Scene space was limited (as well as for the first band) but band vocalist Richie Cavalera (Max Cavaleras step son) was running across it providing additional dose of energy coming from the stage and making the mosh experience last longer than usual and making sure that the fans will receive proper warm up before two main acts.

The metal evening was continued with the Brazilian ‘samba’ played by first of two headliners – Krisiun. This extraordinary trio created by three brothers from Ijuí in Brazil created the setlist for the show including best songs from almost 30 years of career including few track from upcoming album ‘Scourge of the Enthroned’. The highlight of their performance was a cover of Motorhead’s ‘Ace of Space’ played in a very aggressive and speed  manner.

The biggest star of the evening entered stage half an hour before midnight. For the first time that night the stage we could see the full setup on the stage including big smoke machines, screens with the painting of the snakes on both sides of the stage (previously only band banners were hang out on the back of the stage) and the properly set a drum set elevated above the level of the stage. Septicflesh started the show with a ‘Portrait of a Headless Man’ from their last record Codex Omega. Seth Siro Anton, band bassist and vocalist, standing in the central part of the stage resembled Gary Oldman in F.F. Coppola’s ‘Dracula’, he even had a leather jacket resembling the armor worn by the movie main character. The effect was even stronger when two smoke clouds appeared on the side of the bands leader standing in front of the microphone. The show continued and both – the band and the audience – were still giving their best despite late hour, one very drunk female fan was continuously confessing love to bands drummer “Krimh” Lechner what caused a lot of laughter.

The whole show stopped long after midnight and the fans exhausted by the long evening started to leave the club continuing the chats and discussion on the way to bars to finish this quite good evening with one more drink.

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Photos and Review by Kasper Pasinski

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