British singer-songwriter Mike Nelson is back as BANNERS, and coming into 2019 big. His new acoustic song, Got it in You, is an anthem of self-encouragement, and was featured on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

The tune begins with a gentle piano that slowly leads into vocals. Nelson sings common thoughts of hopelessness, “You gave all that sweat and blood now you think you’re gonna drown.” A sense of pensive sadness, but before you can sink into it, the song lyrically flips to a supportive approach. As the rhythm picks up in pace, supportive lyrics follow suit. “You can’t tell that you’re bigger than the sea that you’re sinking in,” and “maybe you can’t see if but you’re quicker than the world can spin.” There’s motivation one line after the next, and shows belief in oneself through heightened vocals as the song progresses.

Got it in You provokes empowerment, laced with lyrics of encouragement to be yourself. BANNERS powers this acoustic with a wide vocal range, uplifting words, and an unwavering piano melody.

Listen to Got it in You, and let yourself get in your feels about personal growth.    

Listen here

Written by Stephanie Regan

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