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Two Feet As A 20 Something F***

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Released in October 5, 2018, “A 20 Something Fuck” is solo-act Two Feet’s first full-length album. Don’t let its 20-minute length fool you, because this short and sweet album is groovy and soulful and worth a listen. Having only released singles and EP’s previously, I’m excited to finally see a full-length project from this talented artist.


Two Feet is the solo project of young New York City multi-instrumentalist Bill Dess. He has done a great job finding his own voice and unique music style with his jazz/blues guitar background over modern electronic bassy beats. His provocative, hazy and mellow sound resembles other artists like Chet Faker but with an unabashed bluesy feel.


At age 25 Two Feet comes to a cynical realization that this world and the people in it are kind of fucked up! “A 20 Something Fuck” is an 8-track album showcasing the pains and struggles of relatable faltering interpersonal relationships and shitty situations. The raw, honest, and vulnerable lyrics are brought to life in smooth, sensual melodies over the haunting, echoing guitar riffs and low-key electronic backbones of each track. There’s a very provocative and angsty feel to this album but with a mature twist.


“I Feel Like I’m Drowning” has been Two Feet’s most popular single and is featured on the new album. Lyrics “You keep dreaming and dark scheming, yes you do // You’re a poison and I know that’s the truth // All my friends think you’re vicious and they say you’re suspicious // I feel like I’m drowning, you’re holding me down and killing me slow…” set the dark and stormy tone for the rest of the album.


The fifth track “Hurt People” features Madison Love and a slightly poppier chorus balanced equally with masculine verse vocals, guitar licks, and bassline. “Hurt people, just hurt people // They do it, they do every day // Hurt people, just hurt people // Why are we used to the pain…?” is how the track begins before it dives into the terrifyingly dark realities broken love can bring a person. Overdose, self harm, suicidal thoughts are shadowing remnants of a broken heart that a 20-something can hardly handle, and make for the most honest song on the album.


The album closes out with “Same Old Song (SOS Part 1),” composed with horns and a heavier bassline with a flirtatious, trappy snare/high-hat beat. If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing Two Feet live, this song really hits hard when the beat comes in.


Available on all streaming platforms, go give “A 20 Something Fuck” a listen!

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