On “She Spins,” Letting Up Despite Great Faults Puts Together Dream Pop Perfection

On February 4th, dream pop/shoegaze/indie rock outfit Letting Up Despite Great Faults released the fourth single off of their then-upcoming now-released fourth album, IV. “She Spins” is “a janglly, [sic] dreampop track about that subtle jealousy you get when someone gives something to another in a way they’ve never given to you, or maybe something you’ve never seen them do that completely surprises you because you thought you knew everything about this person. But it’s feeling that and then realizing it’s sort of your fault for not realizing that or welcoming a space for that person to open up in that way and trying to figure out if you change for that person or you let that person have that space because that might be better for them.” There’s a lot to unpack in that official statement, but I do think it gets the main point of the song across.

“She Spins” is reminiscent of The Cure at their finest – in fact, the intro structure feels very much like “Just Like Heaven” – and it features some incredible shoegaze production. While the vocals might seem a bit too low at some points, it works within the style and lets the instrumental set the stage for the primary purpose of the song: creating an ambiance that is right out of an 80’s teen movie. I kid. The instrumental on this track is outstanding, and the guitar and drums remind me of one of Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ contemporaries, Alvvays. 

The jangly dream pop sound has served many bands well over the years, but Letting Up Despite Great Faults are looking to return to the acclaimed level they were at in their heyday, and “She Spins” is an excellent step in that direction. While I haven’t listened to IV yet, it has made it onto my list solely because of this one track. The production is immaculate for the style, the instrumental is reminiscent of some of the greats within the genre, and the vocals are subdued yet always felt, even when they’re not there.

Check out “She Spins” below, go listen to IV, and let us know what you think about Letting Up Despite Great Faults!

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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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