Laura Davidson releases her new single “Classified (XY)” that gained popularity on TikTok with a faster speed. This song has gained over one million views on TikTok. There are now over 700 videos posted under the official sound on the popular app. “Classified (XY)” has a 2000s pop rock sound and is the perfect track to sing about your toxic exes. Laura’s inspiration for the song was about an ex that treated her so badly that she doesn’t even classify them as an ex, just a big mistake. Being left with more “why’s” at the end of the relationship. Why did I even date this loser? I don’t know either, sis. It is clear why the track gained so much popularity on social media with its catchy af chorus, relatable lyrics and a classic pop rock sound. Fans went crazy for “Classified (XY)” begging for weeks for Laura to release the full version and the TikTok version. She has given her fans what they wanted by releasing both versions in the first few weeks of May.