Landon Sears releases statement new single “Shut Me Up”

“Shut Me Up” Cover Art

Nashville based platinum singer/songwriter Landon Sears is a multi-instrumental artist originally from Danville, Kentucky. Landon began his musical journey playing violin in his hometown. He discovered Hip Hop and R&B at a young age and immediately started experimenting with beats and production before moving to Nashville to further his music career. 

On 14 October 2022 Landon Sears released the single “Shut Me Up” followed by the release of his full length album “Call Collect X” on the 28th. The album is best described as a jazz influenced R&B/Hip Hop project with a wide diversity of instrumentals. Let’s check out the single “Shut Me Up” to get a taste of what Landon has in store for us. 

“Shut Me Up” immediately opens up with a laid back yet prominent horn melody that would sound right at home on a classic R&B record. The percussion will make you want to bob your head as it evokes feelings of walking through the city on a hazy afternoon. The bass seamlessly flows from driving the beat to singing along with Landon’s vocals. The final lick that the bass lays down at the end of the track is particularly tasty. Landon sprinkles in horns along with synths, electric guitars and his signature vocal harmonizations. Landon often uses his voice like another layer of instruments. At times he sings in harmony with the synths and guitars and at other points, it sounds like he is trading parts back and forth with the horn section. Landon’s expert use of vocal layering is the main contributor to his sound. Overall the vibe of this track could be summed up as a chill Sunday afternoon with your favorite mixed drink on the back porch.

If you enjoyed this single be sure to check out the full album and stay tuned to Glasse Factory for more!

Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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