Featured Music of the Week: 05.16.2022

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“DNA,” by Sea Girls: Off the back of cementing their second “Top Three” record in a row, this artist wastes no time in delivering another slice of what’s yet to come. Guitar mixed with a brilliantly bold pop, the band instills a sense of calm in their sonic landscapes and are quickly continuing to rise in the industry.

Their newest release is nothing short of the perfect sequel to their previous musical era. After arriving as a special one off limited edition Blue 7″ vinyl for Record Store Day on April 23rd, the track has been added to the record as a special bonus track on all DSPs from today due to overwhelming fan demand. This track, too, came out with a one take video against a backdrop of the Swiss mountain range. Watch here.

We felt that there was another story to tell from the Homesick era, an itch that DNA scratches. This track is a monumental celebration of being strange. It ponders belonging and identity. DNA celebrates people who don’t fit in. You are who you are and that’s why people love you.

~ Henry Camamile, frontman

“Crazy,” by D’Arcy: This New York City singer-songwriter blends their vocals in many layers of texture and lyricism that pulls each listener in to listen for every word. Accompanied by a music video, this single becomes a transport into another world where there are some of those moments in a relationship where just the two exist and there’s nothing else outside of where they are in that moment.

[The single] is about wanting to feel that intense emotion no matter the cost, which sometimes can result in darkness. I really wanted the lyrics to capture what it feels like to really fall in love for the first time, where your whole world becomes this other person and you would do anything to keep that feeling alive.

~ D’Arcy

“Better Now,” by Róisín O: Since her debut, this artist has shared the stage with a host of internationally renowned artists, including Lionel Richie, Bryan Ferry, Brad Paisley, Hozier and Colin Hay as well as headlining her own tours in Ireland, Germany, The US and Australia.

This is the last release before the artist’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, Courageous. Citing the highs, the lows, and ultimately the resolve to emerge from heartache stronger & more empowered, this single is sure to empower a wide scope of the audience with its relatable lyrics and powerful vocal execution, signifying the moments that one feels when they have broken through the grief and are moving on to something new.

“the sky looked nice today,” by Lexie Carroll: A London-based seventeen year-old singer-songwriter, this artist explores the fragility of modern life as she paints vivid pictures for her audience. Lexie’s pensive vocals flourish above her acoustic guitar as she immerses you in her vulnerability. With raw, heartfelt delicacy, and a subtle sense of the bittersweet in her lyrics an atmosphere of melancholy is shaped in her work.

This single in particular is no exception. In its creation, that same sensitivity that is helping her rise in the music world shows us a new side to Lexie as she opens up about her own personal recovery and self-discovery of inner strength. And in her breakthrough, we sense her shift from a world of darkness to one of technicolor and dream.

“the sky looked nice today” is about feeling the world in all its intensity and finally finding the strength in myself to navigate it.

~ Lexie Carroll

“Disappeared Completely (War Version),” by Disappeared Completely: This single, in its fullest, inserts us as listeners deep in the emotions of those experiencing the tragedies in the conflict in Ukraine. Layered in the atmosphere these artists curated are memories, recordings of news stories, and other small pieces that only add further into this time capsule of emotion.

Pain. Only pain. We are a Ukrainian band. And for us, it is a very painful tragedy. We saw explosions, war, and victims with our own eyes. On February 24, at 5 am, we woke up cause of Russian missiles, the first thing we saw were orange flashes behind the houses, and we realized that maybe our house would be next. And then a month of the hard war, sirens of air alarm and fierce pain for our people. We want to immortalize all these feelings, for ourselves and for people, in this track.

~ Disappeared Completely

Fair Play,” by Veya: This artist’s edgy, powerful, yet soft, vulnerable, and personal pieces innovate beyond the scope of classical instrumentals. She brings together her skills as a violinist, singer and producer, her longtime experience as a musician and her constant inspiration in a magical musical project. The unexpected violin sounds, moving beats and compelling synthesizers, give Veya’s songs a catchy, yet unique character. In her lyrics, universal phenomena that do not get spoken about, get a personal voice.

This single’s captivating strings blend together with synths and tribal drums to curate in its whole a sound unique to her own creation. Throughout the lyrics, the artist discusses the struggle many women have in trying to be more than just their looks. By asking for a fair play, she addresses everyone in those situations, calling out men and women alike to stand up and share their support.

“Not The End,” by Holly Abraham: This artist is an indie folk pop singer/songwriter originally from Wales, now based in Bristol, UK. Combining deep, soulful lyrics with raw, misty vocal tones, she creates mesmerizing melodies which will leave listeners both captivated and enamored.

This single is the third to be released toward the artist’s sophomore indie-folk EP. As it alone supports a positive mental health journey, it also encourages her audience to keep trying, to keep pushing on through the darkness and all that holds back life from being truly lived. The melancholic yet hopeful track encompasses enchanting vocals, layered guitars and atmospheric synths, building to an uplifting bridge and cello/trumpet-led instrumental at the end.

“Bloom,” by The Satellite Station: This is the solo project of artist, singer, and songwriter, Travis Rue. In 2019, The Ohio native began recording new material that melds his pop background with indie/folk elements. With haunting folk-inspired melodies and emotionally deep lyrics, Rue’s storytelling transports the listener to relatable experiences in their own lives.

This single in particular is an ode to the person or the people who are in our lives and who help drive us for better, and help us strive for more growth.

Which track was your favorite to listen to this week? Let us know in the comments, and listen to these tracks in full on our playlist!

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