Exclusive Premiere: “to win you” is a song for the dream girls

Living in her own world of pink melodies, golden harmonies, and soft synth chords, Ha Vay’s new song “to win you” is a fairy pop dream. The colorful and sweet track “to win you” is about a moment of connection between two people at a party. The innocent lyrics detail things like jumping into pools, laughing a little louder than normal, and being noticed by that one special person.

The balanced harmonies in the ethereal “ahs” she sings fly between the pulse of simple, electronic chords, making for a sweet, euphoric bedroom pop sound. The raw honesty of the vocals provides a nice contrast and adds clarity and realness to the fantasy-like instrumentals. The song is minimal, but the space between the words and sounds gives room for the listener to float amongst the music. This is just one track off of her brand new EP.

Provided by Ha Vay

The ethereal song is very reflective of its creators, Ha Vay herself, and audio engineer Elliot Jacobs. Together, they’ve created the so-called “fairy pop” sound that “to win you” embodies. Ha Vay, also known as Maddy Toy, started making music under her Chinese name Ha Vay in 2020, but has been both a musician and performer her whole life. The San Francisco-based pop singer draws on her experiences traveling in Paris and other parts of the world alone as inspiration for her music, where she fell in love with many faces along the way.

She says it’s moments like those that define her. Moments of human connection, curiosity, “reeling through heartbreaks and reveling in love” and a hunger for adventure. Aside from music, Ha Vay also makes visually compelling music videos, like her most recent one here. Listen to her new song “to win you” as well as the rest of her brand new EP below.

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  • Tubs
    1 year ago Reply

    Love it! Great vibes!

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