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The Heavy Release Phenomenal New Record, Sons- Album Review

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In almost ironic fashion, the very first thought through my head while listening to the latest The Heavy album Sons was “Hey…this is heavy!”, completely ignoring the fact that lead singer Kelvin Swaby kept singing “Is this heavy for you?” over and over. One song in and I was definitely picking up on what The Heavy were putting down. Sons is the bands fifth studio album and honestly the last complete album I listened to since 2012’s The Glorious Dead. I suppose that somewhere in time they got lost in an endless sea of new music but I am overjoyed that I decided to hit play on this wonderful album.

This album is funky and fun, the type of sound that would make James Brown “get on up”. Songs like “Better as one” and “Fighting for the same thing” have me dancing around my house even though I was born with two left feet. These guy clearly have established a strong sense of musicianship over their time together in how they write songs. You know?, the kinds of songs that go perfect with a long drive or a workout. I don’t find myself wanting to skip a single song and for ardent music fans such as myself, that is always a sign of a great album.

Our ethos is to make a mixtape you’d want to play to your best mate,” explains singer Kelvin Swaby. “We wanted to keep that vibe, while recognizing we’ve become so much better as songwriters and producers. We understand our music a little better. But what we did at the start is still great too!

Additional album highlights for me include “The Thief”, What Don’t Kill You” and “Put the Hurt on Me” but I am hard pressed to find a song I don’t like. This is a complete album and one I will be listening to for a long time to come. It has elements of Funk, Soul, Rock and Hip Hop that almost any music fan can relate to. The only downside is the fact that they don’t seem to be touring anywhere near me for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that will change because I can put money on the fact that The Heavy put on an amazing live show! You can purchase Sons on Itunes, pick it up at your local music store or give it a listen on Spotify! You will be happy you did.

  • Derek Jones

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