Most people are often shocked to learn that I am a huge metal fan. To be fair, I don’t look like your typical metal fan. But the heart wants what the heart wants. My body and soul crave what metal provides. That doesn’t mean I don’t listen to or appreciate other styles of music. Metal just does it for me.

Internalizing the music that I find most enjoyable, I have found that I find certain metal/industrial songs extremely erotic in nature. Whether it is the vocals or bass or drums or some other element, certain songs are extremely sexy. So let’s look at some of these songs and see what is exactly so enticing.

“Change (In the House of Flies)” by the Deftones

“Change (In the House of Flies” by the Deftones will always be one of the sexiest songs for me. This song is always guaranteed to turn me on. The seductive soft whisper-like singing coupled with the heaviness of the guitars creates an atmosphere all its own.

“Cirice” by Ghost

Isolated Vocals for “Cirice” by Ghost

There’s a reason Ghost won a Grammy for “Cirice.” The opening guitar work is so simplistic in nature, yet it grabs your attention right away. Tobias Forge’s vocals within the song are so haunting (pun intended). When you add in the powerful guitar riffs, the song takes on a sensual nature. It becomes an all-consuming source of sexual energy.

“Wicked Game” by HIM

“Wicked Game” was a cover of the 80s hit by Chris Isaak. It was one of a very few covers that proved to be better than the original. (I actually hated the original track because I could not stand the way Isaak delivered the chorus). Truthfully, any song sung by Ville Valo is sexy to me. His ability to go from baritone to falsetto is pure sex. The way he croons the lyrics makes it feel as if he is making love to you through your ears.

“Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” by Marilyn Manson

The sensuality of this song does not lie in the lyrics of this song. There is something lascivious in nature with the bass beat that accompanies this song. Perhaps it is the tempo or the heavy breathing at the beginning that draws you in, but that repetitive and simplistic bass beat drives me wild.

“Nymphetamine” by Cradle of Filth

Attaching any Cradle of Filth song to the term “sexy” seems odd. But Nymphetamine is their sexiest song to date. Not only is Dani Filth just amazing eye-candy, the song itself drips with sex. Rather than screaming all the lyrics, Filth growls his lyrics in a sultry way. To offset the harshness of his voice, the song is actually a duet with Liv Kristine (former lead singer of Leaves’ Eyes). The softness of her voice balances with Filth’s. To top this off, the song is incredibly sexual in nature because of the content. For those unfamiliar with Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita (Shame on you! Read a book!), the title is a reference to Humbert Humbert calling his Lolita a “nymphet” (a sexually mature young woman). “Nymphetamine” is probably one of Cradle of Filth’s few ballad-esque songs. This surprising tune is incredibly sensual in nature. Just listen.

  • Katie Newray

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