Austin, Texas is widely known for having an amazing music scene. On any given night you could catch a show, anything ranging from country to heavy metal. In short, this city has no shortage of talented musicians. These past few months the Austin rap scene seems to be shining brighter than all other genres. Recently, I was able to experience a thrilling performance from local Hip-Hop trio “Infrared” at The Parish.

LLOYD BLVCK, J-Fleet, and Lo Thraxx are the three talented men who make up this divine rap trio. The performance set off a pleasant surprise as they played each song displaying each of the artist’s special characteristics and talents that were able to curate into what is now Infrar3d.

J-Fleet for instance, made it nearly impossible to keep your eyes off of him with his amazing stage presence and ability to show so much humor and character throughout the set while still spitting each of his parts with no hesitation. The group just showed such brotherhood as they engaged with each other bringing the crowd to an uproar as the energy flew off of them into the crowd. They bring a refreshing sound to the Hip-Hop scene with tasteful/original beats that give you enough bass and bump to make the room move, while also incorporating lyrics with grammatical intelligence and just enough grit and grime. If you are you in the search of new music, I recommend going ahead and starting here because you will not be left disappointed.

  • Majesty Rich

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Photography by: Majesty Rich