If you’ve left the house at all the last couple of weeks, you probably know that HBO TV series Game Of Thrones is back for one final season. The newest episode premiered earlier this week, and with it came an original song by Florence + The Machine: “Jenny of Oldstones.”

“Jenny of Oldstones” is a vocally-focused ballad telling the story of the fictional character from the series. A subtle keyboard guides Florence’s delicate vocals, creating a dichotomy between performance and content. In the chorus Florence sings, “And she never wanted to leave” repeatedly, and the song becomes hypnotic with the circulation in lyrics before it breaks away to each verse—and eventually the outro, a tender reprise of the introduction.

Just the right amount of instrumental accompaniment is present to convey an emotional response from Florence, as well as the listeners. I can imagine watching the song premiere with the new Game of Thrones episode was enthralling.

Without even watching the TV series, it’s clear that Florence + The Machine’s song for Game of Thrones, “Jenny of Oldstones,” showcases Florence’s vocal range and ability to emote through performance. Whether you watch the hit HBO series or not, this track is 3 minutes and 9 seconds of bliss.

The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott also curated an original song for this season’s Game of Thrones, so hopefully this is just a foreshadow of more to come. Listen to Florence + The Machine’s “Jenny of Oldstones” on all streaming platforms now!