Pumpehuset, together with Live Nation Denmark, invited fans of doom and stoner metal for an intimate evening with Polish band, Dopelord, and one of the first bands in the doom metal history, Saint Vitus. As concert was planned for a small stage in Pumpehuset the club was almost fully packed before the first band took over the stage, many of the fans came all the way from Sweden to see their idols and feel the music on their body and celebrate together with Saint Vitus 40 years of bands existence.

Dopelord entered the stage at 9pm as planned and without unnecessary introduction hit the first notes of ‘Navigator’. The floor was shaking under the low, slow tones of heavily distorted guitars accompanied by madly loud percussion what slowly made all the people gathered in the venue to follow the rhythm with slow headbang. ‘Addicted to Black Magick’ was next in line with audio effects starting the song and slow catchy riff ripping the club in half. Dopelord was pulling top class performance (in the minimalistic setup) and this was not even a main act of the evening. After six songs band closed the set with ‘Preacher Electric’  and cheered by fans left the stage for doom metal veterans.

Shortly after 10pm Scott Reagers entered the stage with a cup of tea, picked up the mic turn his head right to watch the legendary guitarist Dave Chandler enter stage and the whole show was ready to start. Few bit tipsy fans in front of the stage started to scream ‘Dave Chandler’ what he silently commented with a look ‘dude, I know my name’ and started to pull the first notes of ‘Dark World’.   This time music was even slower and the rhythm coming from the drum louder – amazing performance of ‘White Magic/Black Magic’ accompanied by small group of hardcore fans, fast (for a doom metal) ‘War is Our Destiny’ and other hits were pleasing the fans celebrating 40 years. Band presented few tracks from upcoming self-titled album ‘Saint Vitus’ (released by Season of Mist on May 16th) including ‘Hour Glass’, ‘Remains’,  ‘12 Years in the Tomb’ and ‘Useless’ which closed the evening.  

To wrap up – Dopleord presented themselves from very positive side with a high quality performance. Saint Vitus provided a decent quantity of doom vibes leaving the fans happy with ringing in the ears. Band showed how to celebrate the 40th birthday with a bang.

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Coverage by Kasper Pasinski

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