Night Lovell: Live in Copenhagen, DK

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Hip Hop Wednesday at Pumpehuset – Night Lovell finally arrived to Copenhagen to play the show which had been previously scheduled for October 2018. One of the biggest Canadian, underground  rappers showed up in Denmark to present to fans new material from his last record released in the end of February called ‘GOODNIGHTLOVELL’.

The show was opened by local rapper Mangera. This kid during his 30 minutes of performance managed to really make people move – people were not only standing and bouncing their heads but a people were moshing in front of the stage. Mangere surprised me the most when after few aggressive tracks went to the side of the stage, picked an acoustic guitar and played a calm and slow song changing them mood by 180 degrees.

 Mangera by Kasper Pasinski
Mangera by Kasper Pasinski

The star of the night showed up on stage shortly after 9PM hidden in his white hoodie with Bart Simpson on the front. First rhymes rapped in very low voice made fans gathered in the club go crazy and this is when the party started. Night Lovell was moving and jumping across moderately lit stage with the light coming mostly from the phones pointed at his face by fans.

Song after song, fans were getting more and more crazy and half of the club was moshing and spilling their drinks in the air. The party went crazy and Night Lovell was pushing another songs including new trucks like ‘Bad Kid’ or ‘Joan of Arc’ which he recorded with Suicideboys , and older tracks including ‘Dark Light’

To sum up the show provided by Night Lovell was maybe not very spectacular but definitely he knows how to make his fans go crazy. The energy in the club was amazing and literally everyone who showed up came to the club with one intention – to party in Night Lovell style.

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