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Phony Ppl Features in Their First Film with Single “123”

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 Photo by Ryan Jay
Photo by Ryan Jay

Phony Ppl’s latest release “123” is bound to get you on your feet, and your hips swinging. This classic rock/jive beat creates a swooning feel due to its candied lyrics and nursery rhyme flow. The making of this song was created to be featured in a new motion picture titled “The Unicorn”.

This film is based on a couple who had been engaged for four years and made the decision that a threesome was the only way to take their relationship to the next level. The bubbly irony of the song in terms of the adults’ relationship displays the great contrast within the movie itself; due to it possibly implying the actual underlying immaturity of the couple’s relationship throughout the film.

Altogether the song has great, playful guitar chords, very catchy rhythms, and lyrics that can be seen to most likely uplift whichever scene it’s utilized for within the movie. Phony Ppl is no stranger to making inspiring music! It’s very exciting to see such a well deserving group of artists make it on to the mass amount of TV platforms. To hear more from Phony Ppl, please visit their website at